Hi there!


I'm Catherine Barrette
(See pronunciation above)

I'm the creator of Easy Cauliflower Hour and so much more:

  • I'm a naked (and imaginary) person drawer
  • I'm a professional post-it doodler
  • I'm a list maker (this is an example)
  • I'm a reading challenge creator 
  • I'm a budding ambidextrous 
  • I'm an egg photographer (to come)
  • I'm a professional hobbiest
  • I'm a detective (self-proclaimed)
  • I'm an awful landscape photographer
  • I'm a psychologist (my real job) 
  • I have a committee
  • I pretend to be an orthodontist but that's another story.

You can hire me to do those things for you too! Just shoot me a note below  



For all questions and inquiries please fill out the form below or email me at and I will get back to you quickly. Thank you! 


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