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Post-it project

My on-going passion project is doodling on Post-its and then leaving them in secret locations or covering my house with them. You can never have too many Post-its

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Shrimp Teeth

The Young Augustus, DDS is a world-class crustacean orthodontist, aspiring young pope, self-proclaimed despot. As you can imagine, he is next-level busy


Cauliflower hour

Visit @easycauliflowerhour on Instagram where I post doodles and drawings daily. You'll see all of my new work and a few pictures of my kitten.

100 days of pencil advertising adventure


What is it like being an art director at Standard Pencil Inc.? This series looks at the adventures and mishaps of advertising. The crazy demands from clients, fire-drills from account managers and everyday corporate shenanigans.  


Cauliflower Dad


Sure, he's a goddamn people person. But no, he doesn't want you to talk about your emotions... especially not at the office. Also is it too much to ask that you don't park your car on the fucking grass?

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Questionable President Fun Facts


Questionable and unverified facts about the beloved USA presidents. Don't take my word for it but James Monroe wasn't very fond of George Washington. And more than one president really loved vanilla ice cream. 



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100 terrible ways to go


Strangers tell me I will get murdered living in Bed-Stuy. Here are 100 more terrible ways to go. Fragmented sentences that are almost poetic and definitely morbid.